Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2013

Assigned Certifiers, who can be registered architects, engineers or building surveyors, will inspect building works at key stages during construction. The Assigned Certifier and the builders will both certify that a finished building complies with the requirements of the building regulations.

The Building Control Regulations and Building Regulations were first introduced in 1992. The original Building Control Act included a provision for certificates of compliance in relation to the Building Regulations.

After consultation with the industry stakeholders, the Minister for Environment, Communities and Local Government has just recently signed the Ministerial Order giving effect to the Amended Regulations. This will have a significant impact on owners, contractors and construction Professionals.

The new system has a transition phase and will fully come in to effect in March 2014. While the existing system consisted primarily of self-regulation and required the submission of commencement notices and fire safety and disability access certificates applications for certain buildings and building work, significant changes to the building control regulations have now being introduced. This will include a statutory system of certification for design and construction.

Those who may certify include registered building surveyors, registered architects and chartered engineers with appropriate competence in this area. The new system will also require lodgement of plans, calculations and specifications. It will also require mandatory certification of compliance at design and completion stages, certificates of undertaking to inspect and certify the works by the assigned certifier and an appropriate level of inspection of building works during construction.

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations will be accompanied by a Code of Practice – which includes an Inspection and Certification Notification process. The presentations will also address issues affecting Building.

Why do I need a Property Surveyor?

Buying a property will be one of the largest financial commitments you will ever make and if you want a good understanding of the condition and value of the property, then you should seriously consider having a Building Survey or a RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation Report carried out by a surveyor.

Buildings are made up of varied components which at first glance to the untrained eye may look structurally sound but could conceal defects. To avoid any nasty surprises it is best to have a better knowledge of the properties condition.

Home owners may undertake their own alterations, whether it’s an extension or some internal alteration, without being aware of the structural implications. This could result in you having to incur additional cost to put things right on top of your purchase expenses.

A survey carried out by a qualified Chartered Surveyor will provide you with the advice you need to make an informed decision about the value of your prospective new property.

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