Extra information you can expect from your survey

Arising from the new guidance notes, Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors will be including the following additional information as standard.


Building Surveyors are keenly aware of the significant health risks and consequences associated with high radon levels. On foot of a typical inspection, radon risk maps may be consulted and in some situations the installation of detector kits may be recommended to measure and ascertain the radon levels over a three month period. While naturally not everyone may be able to wait three months it is the Surveyor’s obligation to inform clients of the potential risks associated with high levels of radon gas..

Septic tanks

Defective septic tanks can pose a significant health and safety risk by contaminating drinking water supplies. A preliminary survey carried out by Kelleher Chartered Surveyors will identify the tell-tale signs of a problematic septic tank based waste water treatment system and advise accordingly.

Building Energy Rating (BER)

A BER certificate must be supplied with every home for sale or rent and be accompanied by an Advisory Report on how energy efficiency can be improved in the home. Kelleher Chartered Surveyors can explain the implications of a house’s energy rating on running costs.


Though none of the Types of survey (1-3) include a specific inspection for asbestos, our reports will highlight areas where asbestos may be present and recommend further testing as required.


Your attention will be drawn to any structural issues arising from possible excessive pyrite contamination of fill material and the characteristic structural damage that accompanies this defect.

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