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    There are two systems for the registration of title in Ireland – the registration of documents in the Registry of Deeds and the registration of title in the Land Registry. We produce Land Registry Compliant Maps for First Registration purposes.

    Both systems are under the control and management of the Property Registration Authority and are mutually exclusive. Property registered in the Registry of Deeds is said to be “unregistered” and property registered in the Land Registry is “registered”.

    Legal Mapping Process

    When the title is registered in the Land Registry, the deeds are filed in the Registry and all relevant particulars pertaining to the property and its ownership are entered on folios which form the register maintained in the Land Registry.

    The title shown on the folios is guaranteed by the State which is bound to indemnify any person who suffers a loss through a mistake made by the Land Registry. In conjunction with folios, the Land Registry also maintains Land Registry maps.

    As part of a move away from the older system of registration of documents in the Registry of Deeds and to facilitate e-conveyancing, compulsory registration of title in the Land Registry has now been extended to all counties in Ireland as of 1 June 2011 most recently Dublin and Cork. From this date on the sale of unregistered freehold land or on the grant or sale of “unregistered” leasehold land, Solicitors for the purchasers must apply for the first registration of the title in the Land Registry in accordance with the Property Registration Authority rules.

    Kelleher & Associates provide a Land Registry Maps compliant with requirements of the Property Registration Authority.

    Is your Property Registered?

    Check Landdirect.ie

    First Registration Process

    We visit the property, confirm that the boundaries illustrated on the map match the actual boundaries (this is not always the case), measure the site area and certify the map as being accurate. The registration of apartments can be a more complicated process as floor plans with co-ordinate detail are required to satisfy the requirement of the Property Registration Authority. Please contact us today for a competitive quote.

    Declarations of Identity

    Declarations of Identity can also be produced for property boundaries.

    We provide Legal Mapping services in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and surrounding counties. If you require a Land Registry Compliant Map simply fill in the Quick Enquiry Form here or phone us in Dublin on 01 6856935.