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Vacant & Derelict Homes Update: Local Authority Home Loans will soon be made available to renovate vacant & derelict homes.

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“A State-backed mortgage loan will be made available for people looking to renovate derelict properties under plans due before Cabinet today. Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien will bring a series of memos to Cabinet including updates on the Coalition’s flagship Housing For All plan. Under new plans targeting the issue of vacancy around the country, […]

Vacant Property Grants

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The State is now offering substantial Vacant Property Grants A report from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has shown that throughout the last three months of 2021, the vacancy rate for dwellings based on metered electricity consumption was 4.3%, meaning that thousands of homes are laying empty around the country, some of which only require […]

Japanese Knotweed – a Building Surveyor’s perspective

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Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica syn. Fallopia japonica) is an invasive plant that spreads rapidly. In the Winter the plant dies back to ground level but by early summer bamboo-like stems emerge from rhizomes deep underground. These stems can rapidly grow to a height over 2.1m (7ft), suppressing all other plant growth around it. The leaves are shield or heart shaped, usually […]

Drone surveys of flat roofs

Drone surveys of flat roofs

As part of our pre-purchase surveys, inaccessible flat roofs can be inspected by drone to confirm their condition. The condition of modern roof membranes and more tradition torch on felts can be appraised in considerable detail helping the building surveyor to diagnose building defects. Such drone inspections help to: Identify damaged flat roof surfaces and […]

Insulating Your Period Property

Insulating Your Period Property

With energy prices increasing, people naturally want to save money by insulating their homes. In a modern property, internal dry lining is often the most cost effective way of reducing heat losses through external walls. Approximately 35% of heat losses in a property occur through uninsulated walls. A further 15% is lost through floors (typically […]

Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors expand their range of boundary and land surveying services

Kelleher Associates expand range of boundary and land surveying services

In order to serve the needs of our Clients we have expanded our range of boundary and land surveying services. Our Land Surveyors carry out highly accurate, detailed surveys. Our range of services now includes: Land, Topographical and Property Boundary Surveys using precision GPS equipment: Land Registry Compliant Mapping Large- and small-scale general mapping Boundary […]

Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors – Providing a more comprehensive building survey using drone technology

Kelleher Associates providing more comprehensive building survey using drone technology

Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors have been using drone technology for several years to provide a superior building inspection service to our Clients. Inaccessible roof surfaces can be inspected and reported on as part of our structural pre-purchase surveys, saving Clients time and money by diagnosing roof defects without the need to engage third party contractors […]

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging as Part of Property Surveys

Benefits of Thermal Imaging as Part of Property Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys involve the use of thermal imaging cameras to visually represent surface temperatures of building materials in order to identify thermal anomalies that indicate possible defects such as dampness or temperature variations that could indicate missing or wet insulation. Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors have made extensive use of this technology for several years […]

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