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Kelleher & Associates – Providing a more comprehensive building survey using drone technology

Kelleher Associates providing more comprehensive building survey using drone technology

Kelleher & Associates have been using drone technology for several years to provide a superior building inspection service to our Clients. Inaccessible roof surfaces can be inspected and reported on as part of our structural pre-purchase surveys, saving Clients time and money by diagnosing roof defects without the need to engage third party contractors such […]

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging as Part of Property Surveys

Benefits of Thermal Imaging as Part of Property Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys involve the use of thermal imaging cameras to visually represent surface temperatures of building materials in order to identify thermal anomalies that indicate possible defects such as dampness or temperature variations that could indicate missing or wet insulation. Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors have made extensive use of this technology for several years […]

Bespoke Structural Surveys when Switching Mortgages

Bespoke Structural Surveys when Switching Mortgages

Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors are now offering concise and competitively priced mortgage switcher structural surveys in light of the increase in people changing mortgage providers to lock in to lower interest rates. According to the latest figures from the Banking and Payments Federation, more people have completed a mortgage switch this autumn, at 1,616, than […]

RICS Property Maintenance Tips

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Maintenance Tips Your house needs proper maintenance over time and planning routine maintenance is important. If you are concerned about any issues with your property that have developed contact a Chartered Building Surveyor for further advice in the form of a focused Building Survey to identify areas in need of maintenance. Outside the Property You […]

Pre-Purchase Surveys: Settlement & Subsidence – what is the difference?

Pre Purchase Surveys Settlement Subsidence Differences

Chartered Building Surveyors, as part of a building or pre-purchase survey, frequently have to report on internal and external cracking and the cause or causes of such movement. Most internal and external cracking is minor and cosmetic and caused by normal uniform ‘settlement’ which is caused by the downward movement of the soil due to […]

The Kelleher & Associates Home Buyers Guide to Residential Building Surveys

Kelleher Associates Home Buyers Guide Residential Building Surveys

Type 1, 2 or 3 Building Surveys? Our definitive Surveyor’s Guide to RICS & SCSI Home Buyers Surveys Kelleher & Associates are an independent practice of Chartered & Registered Building Surveyors who have surveyed thousands of houses, apartments and commercial properties for buyers since 2008 covering the Greater Dublin area as well as Galway and […]

Pre-Purchase Surveys: Lead Pipes in Older Properties – Your Options

Pre Purchase Surveys Lead Pipes Older Properties Your Options

The Irish Times recently published an informative article on lead piping in older housing stock: Lead is one of the most toxic heavy metals when it comes to human health, especially where quantities in water supplies are consumed over a long period. This risk applies even at very low concentrations. Water produced at the State’s […]

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