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    Snag lists are carried out on newly built residential dwellings and should not be confused with a Pre-Purchase Survey. A snag list is a detailed report, itemising incomplete or poorly constructed work and any visible breaches in the Building Regulations.

    Snag lists are normally undertaken when the purchaser has been notified by the builder/developer that their property is fully complete. It is our experience that the vast majority of newly built residential properties presented by builders/developers as complete, have numerous areas of incomplete or poorly finished work which, if left unnoticed prior to signing of final contracts, can cost the purchaser a substantial amount to remedy.

    Our Snag Lists include 2 visits to the property: the initial visit and the follow-up inspection.

    Kelleher & Associates Snag List Process

    Our Snag Lists are a high-quality service provided by our expert Registered & Chartered Building Surveyors. See ‘News’ to view a Recent Snag List Post including an extract from a recently completed Snag List.

    Following the completion of our initial snag list on-site, a report will be forwarded to the Client and Builder. A follow-up inspection will be carried out when we have been notified that the items on the initial list have been completed.

    Snagging is often assumed to be unimportant and the services of a professional snagger unnecessary; however, we caution against this approach. For a relatively small fee, we will ensure that all work is completed to the required standard.

    Get in touch if you require a detailed Snag List from a firm of independent Building Surveyors whose goal is to ensure you receive a fully completed property.

    We provide our Snagging Service in Dublin and surrounding counties. To organise a Snag List simply fill in the Quick Query Form or call us in Dublin on 01 6856935.