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    Kelleher & Associates use Fluke Thermal Imaging Technology during building inspections to assist with penetrating or rising damp surveys, aid water leak and draught identification and the presence of insulation in walls or flat roofs.

    Is your property leaking heat because of underperforming insulation, excessive draughts, poor quality windows or leaking window seals?

    Thermal Imaging can quickly identify these weak points and help you significantly reduce energy and heating costs once the source and cause of the heat leakage has been identified and resolved. Contact us for a competitive quote to carry out a detailed heat loss survey.

    Thermal Imaging Surveys

    Fluke TiS20 Thermal Imager

    All our property surveys are carried out with the assistance of a thermal imaging or ‘infrared camera’. This device is an extremely useful tool and assists our building surveyors to:

    • Identify Cold Spots
      Identify cold spots in hard to reach areas such as high ceilings and inaccessible wall surfaces where water may be a problem.
    • Identify Damp
      Useful as a backup tool to a moisture meter reader when conducting damp surveys as the full extent of moisture migration is visually illustrated.
    • Insulation Faults
      Identify continuity issues with insulation or thermal bridging issues in both house and apartment surveys.
    • Thermal Leaks
      Identify thermal leaks through the façade of a building.

    We provide Thermal Imaging Services in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and surrounding counties. To book your Thermal Imaging Survey simply fill in the quick query form or call us in Dublin on 01 6856935 or Galway on 091-399935.

    To find out more about our wide range of thermal Imaging services, please visit our new website at www.kelleherthermalimaging.ie.

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