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Kelleher & Associates – Providing a more comprehensive building survey using drone technology

Kelleher Associates providing more comprehensive building survey using drone technology

Kelleher & Associates have been using drone technology for several years to provide a superior building inspection service to our Clients. Inaccessible roof surfaces can be inspected and reported on as part of our structural pre-purchase surveys, saving Clients time and money by diagnosing roof defects without the need to engage third party contractors such as roofers. Issues associated with building wear and tear can be easily diagnosed, as well as harder-to-locate problems like heat loss using our state-of-the-art thermal camera technology.

Other uses of Drone Technology include

  • Construction Surveys: From pre-planning site inspections, through monitoring progress as construction works progress, through to final inspection of general and inaccessible areas such as high-level roof surfaces.
  • Historic/Period Building Surveys: Drone inspection avoids the use of scaffolding which could potentially damage delicate facades or the use of MEWPs which may not able to traverse rough terrain to reach remote buildings. Hidden roof surfaces and vulnerable flashing details and coverings can be inspected without causing damage.
  • Indoor Surveys: Large buildings, such as warehouses or factories can be inspected internally when space is unavailable for scaffolding or scissor lifts.

The photograph shown was taken by one of our smaller drones ideally suited to inspections in built up urban areas. Only a small amount of the chimney brickwork could be seen from ground level and as the front stack flashings were damaged, a roof level inspection was essential. The condition of the concrete chimney capping can also be appraised as well as the condition of the brickwork. Our Chartered and Registered Building Surveyors use this information to provide appropriate advice in our reports.

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