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The importance of having a Snag List carried out by a Chartered Surveyor

Importance having Snag List carried out by Chartered Surveyor

Anyone can carry out a Snag List –  right ?

This is not the case. It takes a trained eye and years of experience to pick up defects or incomplete works that the ordinary layperson would miss.

The importance of having your new home inspected or ‘snagged’ by a construction professional such as a Chartered Surveyor cannot be underestimated.

Experienced gained from carrying out Snag Lists over the last 12 years has shown that while the vast majority of Building Contractors operate to a high standard, numerous incomplete or poorly finished items frequently remain.

Many would not be obvious to the untrained eye. While some may be related to items as straight forward as poor painting and plastering other more serious issues can arise. In a recent assignment fundamental issues relating to the construction of retaining boundary walls and poor land drainage were uncovered.

While not a Structural Survey, Chartered Surveyors in carrying out snags can use their skills as experts in diagnosing building defects to  assess for example whether floor slab cracking is structural or non-structural. They are also fully aware of the Building Regulations and what parts of these Regulations apply to residential dwellings.

So what are the typical issues that commonly appear on Snag Lists?

  1. Poor plastering. We have encountered instances of poor or unacceptable plaster finishes in even the most high end properties.
  2. Uneven concrete floor surfaces and floor cracking
  3. Damaged sanitary ware or unfinished tiling in bathrooms and kitchens
  4. Missing insulation or incomplete duct work in roof spaces.
  5. Incomplete party walls.
  6. Poorly secured flooring on upper floor levels.
  7. Poorly finished external render.
  8. Incomplete rainwater goods.
  9. Missing cavity ventilators in the case of timber frame structures at high, low and intermediate level.
  10. Incomplete landscaping and badly drained front/rear gardens.

Kelleher Chartered Building Surveyors will thoroughly inspect your soon to be new home and ensure that all works are completed to a good standard of workmanship and meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.

First Page of Sample Snag List:


Relevant inspection findings and general observations are as follows:

Item Description Actioned
1. Fill joints at brick paviors at fence post, earthing rod, level threshold at entrance door and in path outside Rear Elevation
2. Remove stones and debris from landscaped areas of private terrace, rotivate, level, topsoil, apply weedkiller and seed/plant (to standard included in purchase agreement)
3. Fill holes in metal fence posts at head and touch in paint finish
4. Repair chipped stone window cill corner and point mitred joint on completion of works
5. Secure vent covers to soffit in front of Living Room window
6. Clean down marks on soffit boards
7. Damp staining on ground in recess at party wall to left hand side of Front Elevation indicated that the rainwater pipework was discharging either beyond the gully or from leakages at the swan-neck.  Issue to be investigated and rectified
8. Fully secure unstable fence panels, e.g. next to entrance footpath and at separator units on the party wall line to the left hand side
9. Trim back DPC at window cills to Living Room and Bedrooms
10. Apply mastic seal to back edge of door frame at ope in Front Elevation wall
11. Apply mastic seal to back vertical edge of bay window frame at ope in Front Elevation wall
12. Complete painting of front entrance door
13. Apply mastic seal junction between meter box wall and Front Elevation
14. Remove snots from entrance door reveal
15. Extend rainwater pipe to gully and add wall fixing brackets at party line to right hand side of Rear Elevation
16. Lift height of gully, remove plastic protection cover and carry out landscaping at recess to right hand side of Rear Elevation
17. Install wall vent cover at recess to right hand side of Rear Elevation
18. Remove snots and excess mastic on stone cills to Rear Elevation
19. Repair delaminating render at plinth height on Rear Elevation
20. Remove membrane inserted into top sash of Master Bedroom
21. Review and address discolouration on stone surfaces at window surround verticals and cills to Rear Elevation
22. Fill cavities in mortar joints in areas close to window opes in Rear Elevation
23. Remove stones and debris from landscaped areas outside Rear Elevation, rotivate, level, topsoil, apply weedkiller and seed/plant (to standard included in purchase agreement)
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